Japanese Tattoos

Ancient traditions and stylistic artistry are the hallmarks of Japanese tattoos. Despite common misconceptions, Japanese tattoos are not all about the Yakuza and you don’t need to be in the gang to get one either.

At Gods of Ink — Bali Tattoo Studio, we specialise in the unique styles and patterns of Japanese tattoos, making us the number one place in Bali for a Japanese tattoo. These tattoos are not just beautiful, but they are also inspiring. Our talented artists love large tattoo works and what better to get done than a full sleeve or full back, packed with Japanese twists, turns, portraits and landscapes. One of the oldest tattoo traditions out there, these tattoos are timeless.

Each tattoo artist at Gods of Ink — Bali Tattoo Studio are hand-picked for each job, meaning whatever piece of art you want inked onto your skin, we ensure the right expert holding the gun every time. Gods of Ink — Bali Tattoo Studio is unique in the fact that we are led by Ketut Rudiartana, one of Indonesia’s leading tattoo artists and a legend of Kuta, Bali.

We are a fully licensed tattoo parlour in Bali and we use well-known imported inks that are considered safe the world over. The studio itself is 100% hygienic and innovative, and our equipment is top of the range.

Take a look at the photos below to discover more about Gods of Ink — Bali Tattoo Studio and see for yourself why we know that we are the best tattoo studio in all of Indonesia. From colour to black and grey, we have a range of colours and styles you can be inspired by.

We offer free consultations, so whether you call or email ahead of just walk in, we’ll make sure a professional is there to help guide you through the process from the moment you make contact. Get the full tattoo in one sitting or spread it over a few days too, just remember that whatever you want, we’ll provide.